Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter fun

We made some brownies this weekend and Kaiden was very excited to eat some

Maria, or Ria to Kai, stayed with us while her parents were visiting her brother at Truman state. She enjoyed her brownies as well

Charlie is in his familiar spot waiting for Kaiden to drop a snack

Kai & I made a snowman today. It was a bit sloppy and we couldn't get the cleanest snowman, but still fun. Kaiden said his name is Icicle

Kissing the Icicle

Looking out at Icicle

Rough day for someone

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chris and Allesander having a good time, I know it's blurry

Kaiden's favorite ride, the Cosmic Coaster. It's a good thing he takes after his mom, because dad hates roller coasters, though I did ride this one with him.

The little guy likes Woodstock, just like me.

He has figured out how to take pictures, this is one of the better ones.

Kelli and Kai before she left for Up With People.

Nona sharing some Nutella with Kaiden.

Kaiden trying to tell Papa the phone is for him, not sure who it is though.


Three peas in a pod?

Kaiden huggin his aunt Heather

Wisconsin at the Golly's lake house.

The boys looking down at the water.

This is the life, He gets to run around in his diaper, no hair combing, & a bag of his own snacks!

Chris had to shuck all 15 ears while we shopped with Jason & Erin.

Helping mom water the plants

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kaiden learned how to shoot a basket this week,
he isn't to the NBA level yet, but he's close

Dying easter eggs

He loves his eggs

All smiles

Easter morning

He found his chocolate car

Heading to brother's band concert

Spring break

Spring break pose

Meeting the Easter bunny

Easter morning after church

trying to get a picture of the brothers, but one does not want to cooperate

Finally got a picture, just ignore the hand in his mouth

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kai & Pooh

Chris at his band concert

Playing some great tunes!

Kai & Mary

Katie pushing the little munchkin

He loves his car

Mary practicing to be a clown

Katie & Mary taking over the car

Katie reading with Kai

I think they're both reading a book

Playing in the rain

Just Chillin

Going up for a monster dunk

When Jeff & Kelli came to visit

When they don't play UNI it's Rock Chalk at our house!! 
Especially when they are in the Final Four